49 Walsh Street, South Yarra by Neometro
49 Walsh Street, South Yarra by Neometro

49 Walsh Street,
South Yarra

49 Walsh Street is our most significant project to date. Drawing on 35 years’ experience delivering architecturally-designed and socially-led developments in Melbourne, this building embodies the principles that have come to define that approach across decades. Crafted in collaboration with award-winning Italian architecture firm MORQ, the design centres on natural light, geometry and materiality—a relationship explored in great detail and depth to arrive at a building of uncompromising form.

  • Status: Now Selling
  • Location: South Yarra
  • Type: Apartments (10)
  • Architecture:

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Secluded, functional and connected to nature, the Ground Floor apartments look out to private courtyards with generous greenery. These elegant interiors will engage the senses, improve everyday life, and promote harmonious living. Apartments on the Ground Floor include two bedrooms, expansive kitchens and laundries finished to an unparalleled standard, outdoor cooking and dining areas, and private entrances.

Enveloped by a sprawling canopy of trees and bathed in dappled light, the Level 1 and 2 apartments are beautiful homes that effect a sense of everlasting tranquillity. Generous interiors are designed to elevate living and provide comfort over many years, with emphasis on natural light, tactile materiality and spatial flexibility. Apartments on Levels 1 and 2 include large main bedrooms, generous living spaces, butler’s kitchens and laundries of exceptional quality, outdoor cooking and dining areas, and dedicated entry halls.

The penthouse is the centrepiece of 49 Walsh Street, a unique dwelling that perfectly distils MORQ’s emotive approach to architecture. Reflecting the historic grandeur and sophistication that the Domain Precinct is known for, the penthouse is demarcated by three generous zones comprising a private suite with main bedroom, secluded guest rooms and flexible spaces, and grand living and dining areas. A large, private terrace borders the penthouse and looks out to a flourishing tree canopy, while the entrance is distinguished by a private lobby, lift and gallery space that leads into the home.


“We strive to design buildings that stand outside of time, untethered to any singular era, style or place. Buildings that get this right can’t be reduced to a movement, fashion or label. There’s a sense of restrained monumentality in their simplicity that feels eternal.” — Andrea Quagliola, MORQ.

Born in Rome and educated at the city’s La Sapienza University, MORQ co-founder Andrea Quagliola’s understanding of architecture and design was shaped by his environment. A city more than 28 centuries old, remnants of its ancient buildings can still be found today—their very existence a testament to the principles of good architecture. A strong bond with Rome’s historical fabric and appreciation of its enduring forms is evident in all of MORQ’s work. While their projects vary in scale and form, all reflect a distinctly European perspective applied to a modern Australian context.

Situated in the heart of the Domain Precinct, the Royal Botanic Gardens evoke a sense of calm and belonging that emanates well beyond their borders. Fundamental to the emotive quality of the gardens is the relationship between light and flora. The trees, with their generous canopies and sprawling forms, interact with sunlight in such a distinct and palpable way. They capture, distil, soften and diffuse it into their surroundings—in gestures both singular and effortless. This ephemeral connection between light and nature, demonstrated so beautifully within the Royal Botanic Gardens, is central to the design of 49 Walsh Street.


49 Walsh Street is situated in the leafy interior of the Domain Precinct alongside the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Tan, the Yarra River and the CBD. This charming area of the city is home to some of Melbourne’s most historically significant architecture—beautiful, enduring buildings that improve day-to-day life through timeless, functional design. Through this collaboration with MORQ, we aim to contribute to this tradition with a building that resonates with its historic surroundings, designed and built to the highest possible standard and grounded in timeless principles that define good architecture.

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