RMIT PlaceLab - Cycle 02 Research Projects

RMIT PlaceLab – RMIT’s new community-focused research initiative has released online the project wrap up Reports for each of its four Cycle 01 Research Projects. With that, the next cycle of hyper-local urban projects is now underway!

Working out of PlaceLab’s Melbourne and Brunswick Research Studios - alongside the local community and RMIT academics, Cycle 01 investigated themes around new housing typologies, creative economies within Brunswick, international student wellbeing and experiences, and how the mapping of people’s moods can shape city planning.

Cycle 02’s four Research Projects will continue to connect with communities and local knowledge experts, addressing vital urban challenges with a focus on sustainability, infrastructure and local perspectives.

‘Wear & Care’ is an exploration into methods of fashion “rewilding” in Brunswick. Gathering locals, retailers, and researchers; it will examine and encourage practices that mend, repair, and share clothing to build a local response towards a new fashion system.

The project will include workshops, community discussions, surveys, and an exhibition supporting existing sustainable fashion practices in Brunswick, alongside shareable resources and fashion forums, in collaboration with RMIT’s School of Fashion & Textiles, exploring emerging research.

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‘Voice, Vibe, & Vision’ is out to collect, consolidate, and cultivate a shared understanding of what gives Brunswick its unique character amid transformative infrastructure change taking place within the area.

Focusing on the Brunswick Design District (BDD), the project will engage with the community to gather local perspectives on the sounds, images, words, stories, and imaginings that make Brunswick Brunswick.

As a platform for local voices, the project will engage with community members, RMIT students, and district stakeholders through a range of activities, including walking tours, surveys, vox pops, and workshops. Project outcomes will include an interactive compendium that will amplify understanding of the elements that comprise Brunswick’s unique urban character.

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‘Flatpack : Repacked’ is an investigation into how residents of the City of Melbourne furnish their homes, opportunities to minimise waste, and the potential to rethink furniture lifecycles.

This project will aim to provide solutions to reducing hard rubbish waste by investigating the lifecycles of residential furniture in the City of Melbourne, and considering possible short and long-term interventions based on the 4Rs of a circular economy – reduce, reuse, recycle, and remove.

The project will include piloting an intervention to determine its potential function within the circular economy model.

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'Cardigan Commons' is exploring Cardigan Street's potential to transform into a more inclusive, collaborative, and wild 'greenscape', with a focus on community perspectives and aspirations.

The project will engage with the local community and key stakeholders through activities such as surveys, vox pops, and workshops, culminating in an exhibition of the community's vision for the future of Cardigan Street, as it asks the question, "What would it look like to transform Cardigan Street into an innovative green space that enhances local ecology, environmental health and community wellbeing?" It investigates the opportunities available when reimagining local streetscapes – such as neighbourhood permeability, breathing life into public space, and connecting with nature and each other.

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According to RMIT PlaceLab’s Brock Hogan (Program Director, Place Activation at RMIT University), “Each one of these new RMIT PlaceLab Research Projects is designed to reveal local truths and address local urban challenges of civic importance. We anticipate that the activity generated as part of this work will translate into meaningful, actionable programs or projects that our local government and place-making partners can in turn deliver.

We’ve already been incredibly fortunate to work with a diverse group of truly inspiring locals and look forward to connecting with even more as part of this new work. So if you live, work, study or play in or around Brunswick or Melbourne I’d wholeheartedly encourage you to get involved and learn with us over the coming months.”

All images courtesy of RMIT PlaceLab.