Resident Stories

At home with Isidore from 36 Wynnstay Road

Isidore has been living in his light flooded, one bedroom apartment in Neometro’s 36 Wynnstay Road for 15 years. After purchasing off the plan in 2003, Isidore moved into his home in 2004 and has since bestowed such a mesmerising uniqueness upon his space that he has redefined the very definition of ‘home.’

Australia doesn’t tend to be awash with apartments like Isidore’s. An orchestrated affectation of personal effects that have established a cosy existence amongst the brutalist inspired materiality of the apartments interior. Isidore’s home is a pure, undiluted expression of its resident and the rich tapestry of his life.

Long term apartment living is only just starting to become a serious contender to the detached family home in Melbourne however Neometro has been chipping away at this model for over 3 decades. 36 Wynnstay Road consists of 8 units that all exude a sense of tactile longevity that beautifully supports the concept of medium density living. The thoughtful floorplans, community minded aspect, and timeless design (both inside and out) were all key facets in Isidore’s decision to purchase his apartment when he decided to lay down roots in Australia a decade and a half ago.

Entering Isidore’s home, the outside world seems to recede as the richness and vibrancy of his persona is amplified in a way that poignantly celebrates family, culture and experience. Every conceivable space in this relatively small footprint that so succinctly portrays the essence of its owner has been treated with a level of curated consideration that brings to mind Sir John Soane’s Museum and his enlightened display of works. The apartment itself has become the canvas, with its concrete walls and transitional zones providing the platform for its exhition. Reminiscing on certain objects, artworks and photographs, Isidore narrates experiences and memories and his home has personified these to beautiful accord.

Isidore has spent his professional life working as an architect and his appreciation for form, aesthetic and balance are deeply portrayed in both his choice of home and the depiction of the life reflected within.

36 Wynnstay Road by Neometro, photography by Derek Swalwell and words by Tiffany Jade.